Welcome to my practice. I believe that we all face hurdles in our lives and need assistance from time to time in working through difficulties. Challenges occur in relationships, when parenting children, when experiencing loss, and when facing stress.

I work with children, adolescents, and families to address emotional, social, behavioral and learning concerns using a variety of techniques and approaches. Children and adolescents require an understanding of developmental level and various assessment and therapy techniques to comprehend and address their individual needs. Parents often feel at a loss at how to best support their children when faced with the many stresses life brings. I provide consultation services to parents which can lead to increased understanding, support and clear strategies to help.

I also work with adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, loss, and relationship concerns. I use a combination of therapy approaches which have been determined to be effective.

Above all, I believe in resilience, capitalizing on strengths, and working in a collaborative way with clients.