Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment

Navigating childhood and the teen years is challenging for children and their parents. It is not uncommon to encounter “bumps on the road” as children progress through the many phases of development.

Psychological treatment in the form of child therapy, adolescent therapy, family therapy, or parent consultation can help during these challenging periods. Often a few sessions are enough to facilitate transitions and provide strategies to work through times of conflict and stress. At other times, a more extensive course of treatment is needed to address the present concerns. A plan for treatment will be discussed during our initial telephone call and the first session.

Services are offered for pre-school age children through college-age young adults and their parents. Treatments offered are those that have been found to be effective for the various problems.

Common concerns addressed:

Bedtime and sleep difficulties
Worry or anxiety, including separation anxiety and other fears
Behavioral management
Developmental concerns
Grief, related to death, divorce or other loss
Psychological concerns related to physical illnesses and treatment
Concerns about peer relationships
Sadness and depression
Stress management
Transitions, including transitioning to college